How Vietnamese Girls Meet Viet Kieu For Marriage

Vietnamese girls meet Viet Kieu at the Internet dating services. Let me explain the term “Viet Kieu”. “Viet Kieu” is a popular term used to describe a group of Vietnamese people addressing in foreign countries, including America, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, and others. People in Vietnam usually call them “Viet Kieu “. Each year, thousands of Viet Kieu return to visit Vietnam, either in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, or other cities. The peak time that they return to Vietnam is on New Year Eve in January. Some of them go to visit their relatives and some go there to get married. They meet each other through the introduction from their friends or relatives. These couples also get acquainted with each other through Vietnamese dating sites. In this article I will focus on how Vietnamese girls and Viet Kieu meet together online.

Looking for love and relationship online has become a phenomenon for Vietnamese singles. Popular dating sites generated thousands of couples a year. Vietnamese men post their personal ads on the Internet to look for Vietnamese girls. Most of them have a computer at home, so the registration for a profile and search for the girls are too convenient. They can do this whenever they want. Vietnamese girls also post their own profiles online and search for these men who lives in other countries. If a girl has a computer at home, she can register a profile and search for single men directly from home. If she does not have a computer, then she must go to the Internet club to do this. She must pay a small fee for the use of Internet service.

Viet Kieu tends to write personal ads in English, because they are more comfortable at this language. Vietnamese women post their profiles in their own language because they don’t speak or write English fluently. Some women in Vietnam write their ads in English if they want to open their search to Western singles. Ads in English are viewed more than ads in the Vietnamese language. Since the Vietnam Women are too popular in today’s world, many Western men seeking Vietnamese wives. Thousands of men and Vietnamese women married to each other every year. This has become a phenomenon these days. In addition, Western men look for Vietnamese girls for marriage at these online dating services.

The main reason that a Viet Kieu came back to Vietnam and get married is because he wants a young wife. Some Vietnamese women marry men who are older than them, such as 20 or 30 years. In other words, a woman in Vietnam can get married with a 60-years-old Vietnamese man. You can see the aging difference in these marriages. Why do these girls want older guys like this? There is one primary thing that a young Vietnamese woman wants from her elderly husband, this is an opportunity to make money in western nations. In other words, when she comes to a Western country, she has many opportunities to work to make money. In fact, she will have a better future in Western nation.

Source by Kimmy Nguyen

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