Kama Sutra – Book of Healthy Sex

Kamasutra of Kamasutram is an ancient book about sex education. This book is often mistaken as the book of Tantric Sex. In fact it is like a discourse in importance of sex in human life. It narrates various facets of corporeal acts done by man and woman. It is a book of educating us bout deep intimacy and relationship between two genders, male and female.

Theme of Kama Sutra

Written by a Hindu philosopher named Mallanaga Vatsyayana, this book represents wisdom of the people living in ancient India. Though the exact time is knot known, but Vatsyayana lived in Varanasi, India. It must be the period of Gupta Empire, spanning from fourth to sixth century AD.

The book is like an authority in the science of sex that is known as Kama Shastra in India. The corporeal act was not taboo in ancient India. It was also considered to be sacred, as it keeps the human race continued. Kama Sutra is based on twin subjects of fertility and body pleasure that the acts of sex give to the men and women.

KamaSutra, the Book of Sex Education

The book is written in lyrical language consisting 1250 verses. It is divided into 36 different chapters allotted to particular aspect of sex between man and woman who are capable of enjoying sex. It educates the reader about most of the aspects concerning man and woman relationship. The subjects covered ranges from ‘how to enjoy kissing’ to ‘how to reach the orgasm’. The importance of foreplay and caressing are narrated and their importance in making a partner to have sex is highlighted. All the factors which stimulate the desire for having sex are widely described. Written in Sanskrit language, the first translation of Kama Sutra is believed to be done by Captain Richard Francis Burton in the year 1885.

Templesof Khajuraho: Depicting Sex in Sculpture

The carvings and sculptures done on the walls of temples of Khajuraho (India) depict various acts of sex narrated in the book of Kama Sutra. These carvings demonstrate how the bodies of men and women involved in corporeal acts can be well positioned to arrive maximum pleasure out of the acts. The temples are built in the medieval period.

KamaSutra in Literature and Movies

Many writers have taken help of the materials given in this book to highlight the theme or subject they narrated in their books. Even the novelists of all the ages have consulted this book of wisdom whenever they wanted to read some authentic passages about the most intimate relationship between man and woman. There are number of movies, which have accepted the themes narrated in Kama Sutra.  

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