Make Love to Her Like an Excited Virgin Schoolboy

A woman starts trilling with delight when her man gets horny for her, chases her, and fights harder to have her in bed like a virgin school boy.

She is actually a sexual creature. She breathes erratically and feels the wildest sexual heat in her body when she sees that you’re hungry for her and can’t control yourself when she’s around you…

When you give your woman roses, gifts, or chocolates, she already knows that you’re trying to win her. This perception actually turns her on and makes her feel good. But, she takes the time and don’t give her body straightaway in order to increase your hunger.

And, this trick actually works.

Every moment becomes hotter-than-hell; you get more excited, hungrier; you become overly affectionate, overly horny; you start to wear double underwear in order to hide your erection; you chase her; you shower your kisses on her; you open the floodgates of happiness in her life.

When she sees that you can’t wait to make love, she surrenders; she offers her body to you. And, she expects you to make love to her hard and senseless; she wants you to leave her breathless.

This whole process not only heightens the sensitivity, but also creates a blazing chemistry in the relationship.

I’ve seen many men who unconsciously believe that flowers, chocolates, and gifts etc. waste money. Especially, in the relationship, they avoid giving these things to their wives and girlfriends. The thing they don’t understand is that, women don’t want to waste your money. They just want to see that how much you’re obsessive about them; they want you to win them, they want you to fight harder for them, they want you to get excited for them like an excited virgin school boy.

Today, men don’t want to do romance or play the games of seduction. That’s why, they often freak women out while dating, and put their relationship on the brink of failure.

If you look at yourself through a woman’s perspective, you would understand why women play hard to get, and why they demand romance from you first.

Next time, instead of making love right away, show some hunger first. Show obsession through your kisses, flowers, and chocolates. Make her feel that she’s the hottest girl, but she’s trapped in the arms of an excited virgin schoolboy. And, he can’t wait to make love to her.

Keep your energy and passion, at least 10 times higher than her – during kisses, foreplay, and sex… This is necessary, because, you can’t show hunger and excitement while acting like a lazy-lover.

Source by Bill P Edwards

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