Male Chastity Keyholding Made Easy

So, you have decided to take the big step towards the male chastity lifestyle and learn about chastity keyholding. Congratulations, you are about to start an amazing journey with your significant other and I am confident that you will be very pleased with the results! So the question is, ” How do you get started?” I will give you the necessary advice and tools you will need to get going.

Purchase Chastity Belt– You are going to need to purchase the right chastity belt for your needs. There are many different kinds of belts which are either tubed or steel. As a newbie you should choose a tubed belt. The best belts to start out with are the CB-2000 or the CB-3000. Don’t buy a steel chastity belt just yet, purchase that belt after you are experienced with male chastity!

Sexy Tips and Tricks– After the belt is on, it is time to turn into a sexy seductress. As a woman, you are going to need to make your man want you so bad that he wants the belt off. Take off your clothes in front of him, lie around the house wearing sexy lingerie, and even kiss him passionately. No matter what he says, don’t take the belt off at his command. You are the boss.

As a man, you are going to love what is being done to you, but to be a good boy you should never watch porn, try taking off the belt, or beg your woman to take the belt off. This will make your belt stay on longer! You are going to need to do chores, be more loving, and give your wife the uttermost attention. This will come naturally, because you will be so attracted to your partner without even trying to.

End Results– After the mistress decides that his man has been good, she will take off the belt in time. As a newbie, start out only keeping the belt on for a couple days. After you get the hang of this beautiful life, you should try going weeks with the belt on. In my experience, the longer the belt is on the more amazing the climaxes are. Have fun, and enjoy the new romantic life you were meant to have!

Source by Leah E P.

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