Obscurantism at Its Best As Muslim Pir Impregnates Over 300 Women

Islam came to the sub-continent nearly 1300 years back when the first invasions from Arabia took place. Initially, the Muslims came to plunder but later many settled in India. From about the 9th century onwards, the Muslims increasingly became the rulers, first of North India and later of the entire India. There was a lot of mixture of the Islamic faith with Hindu and Buddhist religions. Though Islam adopted a hard line, yet a softer version of Islam peculiar to the sub-continent emerged. this was the Sufi movement that talked of enveloping all people in contrast to the Wahhabi concept that stipulated a strict form of Islam and implementation of the Sharia as written in the Koran and the Hadiths. The Sufism of Islam produced holy men called Pir’s or Peers.

The Pir’s

The Pir’s are much revered in India and Pakistan. I have been following a Pir for almost 25 years from my youth and he is a man of god. Many Pirs are also hereditary and the son becomes the Pir after the demise of the father. The father is supposed to pass all his wisdom to his son who is then ordained as the Pir.

The hold of the Pir over Muslims is almost hypnotic and I will add that many Hindus also follow Pirs. However, one of the facets of life in India and Pakistan in the countryside is the almost blind faith in the Pir. He is supposed to have direct communion with Allah and people believe that all their ills will be solved by the Pir.

The Pir is the 21st century may look an anachronism, but even in this century and age, he wields tremendous hold over his village flock. Some Pirs become famous and people from great distances travel to get the blessing of the Pir.

The Pir from Lahore

A strange story about the powers of a Pir has emerged from Pakistan. I could not believe it till my Pakistani friend from Lahore confirmed the news to me. What was the news? the news was that a Muslim Pir has been arrested by the police after it came to light that the man had impregnated over 300 married women. Such is the faith of the women that they gave their bodies to the Pir willingly.

In Pakistan to be childless is a sin and a greater sin is not having a son and only daughters. This is a hangover of a feudal setup and it’s very much prevalent in both India and Pakistan. This Pir propagated that any women who could not conceive or wanted a son could come to him and he would intercede with Allah and grant the wish of the woman to have a child or a son if she desired.

Women who craved for a son went to the Pir for his blessings. At home, they were harassed and sometimes beaten by the mother in law for not be begetting a son. Such women were emotional wrecks and when they met the Pir he charmed them with his magnetism. After a few meetings, he would invariably take the woman to a back chamber where he had a luxurious bed to which he referred as the “Noor bed”. There he would have repeated sex with the women.

The Noor Bed

It so transpired that a few women had sons and they divulged this was due to the power of the Pir. They did not mention the fact of sleeping with the Pir on the Noor bed. Eager to have a son many other women also started to go to the Pir to seek his blessings. The Pir was young and virile and in the name of Allah he copulated with over 300 women and impregnated them. The women some of who were childless were obviously delighted to have a child and they spread the word about the power of the Pir. The fact that they had been sleeping with the man was not announced and remained a secret. The Pir continued merrily as more and more women came from great distances and gave themselves to the Pir.

This continued for some months till someone expressed his apprehensions to the Police. Hearing that the police were coming, the Pir ran away but was arrested.

The end

The question now was as to what charge to frame against the Pir. No woman was willing to come forward and accuse the Pir of rape and the Police are wondering how to prosecute the Pir. In case he was to be tried under the Hooded ordinance, then as per the Sharia, there is a requirement of 4 eyewitnesses. This is impossible in this case and I am told the Pir is on bail. I wonder if he has re-started his exploits.

I have been wondering if a statistic could be worked out as to how many of the 300+ women had male children. However, one fact stands out is the Pirs and holy men have a hypnotic effect on the people of the sub-continent. My Muslim friend from Lahore has given me a revolutionary opinion. She has said that the Pir must be complimented as he gave a child to a childless woman and thus saved her life from cruelty and beatings in rural Pakistan.

Source by Madan G Singh

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