Oral Sex Techniques For The Shy Girl

Do you know that you have been lied to about the importance of oral sex? Some people say not to worry about it, as long as you give your man sex, he will be fine. The sad case is most men are not fine without oral sex and they end up leaving the women who don’t give it. Don’t hate me for being honest with you, it just happens to be the truth. Men love oral sex, in fact they crave it. If they aren’t getting it from home, they more than likely will find it somewhere else.

So let me ask you this. Why don’t you give your man oral sex? Are you afraid of gagging? Are you afraid he will ejaculate in your mouth? Or is it, you just don’t think you would do it very good? Well, I have good news. Every one of these scenarios can be fixed.

One of the best ways to handle insecurities about a penis is to use your hands. Now this may seem like common sense but many women forget there is more to a blowjob than their mouth. The best thing about using your hands is you control his penis, not him. So you have control of how deep and how hard he goes in. There is nothing wrong with guiding him, especially if you are somewhat fearful to begin with. Also this should take the fear out of him ejaculating in your mouth. If you can sense when he is about to ejaculate, you can slide his penis from your mouth and finish him by hand. Usually a nice way to end this is by letting him ejaculate on your breasts. it will make him feel great to see you cover yourself with him.

Once you feel like you have control of his penis you can move on to more advanced lessons. Since this is a short read we will keep it simple here. Try just guiding his penis with one hand so you can explore his body with the other. One of my favorite oral sex techniques is to grab on his rear with one hand, then slowly give him a hand job with the other hand. The whole time you are doing this slowly suck and lick the tip of his penis. I can assure you he will go wild for this move.

Another great oral sex technique is two wrap both hands on his penis so one is on top of the other and slowly twist back and forth. Make sure you use a lot of lotion, lube or spit for that technique. Of course while you are slowly twisting, make sure you are sucking the tip of his penis.

The main thing to remember is just get over your fear and have fun! We all forget that sex is meant to be enjoyed and we all get so caught up in trying to please our lovers that we forget to have fun. So just dive into it and experiment and do what feels good for you. As long as you are comfortable your partner is going to love what you do. Just remember to step up your game and try new techniques and methods. You don’t have to be an expert you just have to try. If you are trying new things on your man he is going to appreciate that and he will respond favorably to them. So after you get done here why not prepare yourself for a night of discovery and passion. remember his penis isn’t going to bite…but you can bite it!

Source by Cody Reynolds

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