Oral Sex Tips That Will Make Your Woman Arch Her Back in Spasms

There is one way to give good oral sex, and most men have no idea what it is. Learn it now, before someone else does it to your dream girl.

Most guys think every woman’s vagina is a special flower that must be nurtured in 1 of 1,000 different ways. Hate to break it to you, but the vagina is just like the penis, they both have one way they like to get oral sex, it is a bunch of nerve endings surrounded in skin, it doesn’t have a mind of it’s own.

The golden method that will always be king

Don’t go flicking your tongue like a rattle snake having a seizure, you want to focus on the clitoris with one, slow lapping motion. No writing the alphabet like you read from a sex book written by some virgin living in his parents basement. That actually frustrates women to no end, because they need repetitive motions to bring on orgasms. Anything that involves switching motions will just make it harder for the man to get her off, because it naturally stops the build up of pleasure in one region. And the constant stimulation of one motion is what sends them wild. You wouldn’t expect that because it sounds boring but that is what does it for all ladies.

The secret combination move that will get her addicted to your oral

Some guys like thrust with their finger while they give oral, but this will not produce the most powerful climax possible. Remember, you want slow and steady to build up monster release. As a consequence of this, you want to stick your finger in and just let it rest there giving a nice steady pressure. Trust me, she will feel it and it will drive her nuts.

Source by Mike Scoten

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