Orgasm Control for Men

Orgasm control and orgasm denial are the “holy grail” for many men, the hottest fantasy they can imagine. But for us women, there is a fundamental problem in that we can’t understand why anyone would want these things — let’s face it, not only have most of us suffered the anger of a man denied his pleasure before, but if we imagine our own orgasms denied… wow. Madness!

But it helps if we realise orgasm control and denial are different things.

Orgasm Control

Is where the woman gets to decide when and how her man gets to orgasm. In other words, it’s her decision but — and here’s the crucial thing — it doesn’t necessarily mean or even imply she’s not going to withhold his orgasms for any length of time.

On the other hand…

Orgasm Denial

Is where she explicitly refuses to allow him to orgasm, often for very long periods of time (with me and my husband, John, for example, I am not allowing him to orgasm for a whole year, even though he will have to keep me happy and satisfied for that time).

Now, when most of us first are asked by our husbands for male chastity they talk of orgasm denial, my experience what they mean mostly is orgasm control, which then over time often tends to lead to orgasm denial. And this “slippery slope” is almost always mutually desired and indeed, often becomes driven by the woman herself when she realises the immense benefits she’s getting from both control and denial.

And the man also soon grows to love denial as well as orgasm control because when (and IF) he is ever allowed to orgasm, it’s absolutely mind-blowing for both of you.

And the really cool thing is, from a woman’s perspective a man’s desire for orgasm control is much easier to understand and appreciate than his desire for orgasm denial. After all, as women, don’t we often love it when a man “controls” us in a nice way with his sheer masculinity, like when we go weak at the knees and just HAVE to have him inside us so we can surrender ourselves to him?

If you can understand that, or, if you’re a man reading this get your lady to understand it, then easing your marriage into the male chastity lifestyle and enjoying real and very strict orgasm control and ultimately perhaps long-tern orgasm denial will be much less problematic.

Finally, if you’re SICK and TIRED of the hype and frankly unrealistic nonsense you read about orgasm control and male chastity on the ‘net and you want the TRUTH from a real and genuine 24/7 lifestyle couple, then…

Source by Sarah Jameson

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