Orgasmic Pleasure Tactics – How to Make a Woman Explode With Pure Orgasmic Pleasure and Joy Easily!

Orgasmic pleasure, you say? There are really easy methods that you can use immediately to give the ultimate joy and pleasure when a woman reaches orgasm. It is super important for any woman to learn these techniques – simply because it’s the man’s responsibility to give a woman pure satisfaction when it comes to love making. The good thing is that these techniques and sex tactics are really not that hard to learn. Read on to discover the killer ways to deliver the “killer blow” and make a woman reach climax spectacularly every time she makes love to you…

Orgasmic Pleasure Tactics – How To Make A Woman Explode With Pure Orgasmic Pleasure And Joy Easily!

“Verbal Seduction”. When you penetrate her, arouse her verbally by saying things such as “You’re so sexy”, “You’re so hot that you’re making me so erect”, “I’ve never been so hard in my life”, or even “friskier” lines if you prefer. Not many guys know this, but they overlook the fact that women get aroused by hearing sexy lines from men. The next time you make love to your woman, have some “canned” lines that you could use to stimulate a woman and make her hot for you.

“The Touch Combo”. Use all the weapons that you have at your disposal – your penis, your tongue, and your fingers. When you are penetrating her, reach out and play with her sensitive nipples. When you do this, combine with the “verbal seduction” tactic as outline above and talk dirty to her. She would explode with orgasmic pleasure in no time.

Source by Derek Rake

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