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faheem orakzai is a Pashto language family channel.The programs are based on the principles of Pashtoon people code of life.The channel is available on satellite to the Pashtoon population of Asia.It is also freely available through internet on www.youtube.com/tanhaorakzai or faheem orakzai

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“Zaka Che Khabara tha Pashto Da”
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Rabab Mange,The rubab is known as “the lion of instruments” and is one of the two national instruments of Afghanistan (with the zerbaghali). Classical Afghan music often features this instrument as a key component. Elsewhere it is known as the Kabuli rebab. It is the ancestor of the South Asian sarod, though — unlike the sarod — it is a fretted instrument.[3][4] When the Muslim musician Mardana became the first disciple of Guru Nanak the plucked rabab became an essential component of Panjabi hymns though, once again, though it derived its name from the rubab the Punjabi instrument adopts a different method of construction.

The rubab is attested from the 7th century CE. It is mentioned in old Persian books, and many Sufi poets mention it in their poems. It is the traditional instrument of Khorasan and today it is widely used in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, India and Uzbekistan.

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