Pluck. (Trailer) OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017

(12:07 mins, USA, 2017)

A surrealist psychological adventure, ‘Pluck’ follows twentysomething Anais, who’s traveling alone through Europe on a journey of self-discovery. Staying in the Italian countryside, in a castle, now a hotel, she’s drawn to Thiago, a young escort of an older woman. As she spends the day wandering, she explores the village and herself.

Questioning cinematic storytelling, the film shows the inner and exterior worlds of Anais to reveal the multiple levels of reality, while using Italy’s cultural landscape to remark on Westerns fetishization of traveling for self-discovery and to give a voice to female sexuality outside of morality, examining the female erotic gaze and cinemas innate voyeurism.

‘Pluck’ was made with MonFilmFest –,

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