ROSA trailer

ROSA is a film on the brutal reality of Russian women who, after the fall of the Soviet Union and establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Russian in Sept 1990, come to Korea in pursuit of the ‘Korean Dream’ but are degraded to ultimately become Russian escort girls (inter-girls) in the entertainment districts of Seoul.

Dreaming becoming a ballerina, Rosa gets a job at a nightclub in Seoul to earn school tuition. She also gets the E-6 working visa through an Korean agent she contacted from a Uzbekistan newspaper. She thought that ‘if I can dance in Korea, I will be able to earn money and become successful’. It was a naïve dream. She danced from 7pm till 4am every day without any payment for 7 months, only to become more in debt from increase in living expenses.

With no way out, she starts a life of an escort girl with 3 other foreign women living in a small house in Ansan, slowing becoming a slave of sex.

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