Sensual Suction Strategies to Send Your Sweetheart Into Sinful Sexual Stupor

Most all men under estimate mind-bending orgasms that can be produced with a little suction in key locations. Inside, we take a look at what you can do to make you stand out from all other men in the bedroom.

Suction on the vagina will drive her insane

If done correctly, a little sucking in the right place can go a very long way. For some reason inexperienced men insist on only using a generic licking for all their oral sex adventures. This is a big mistake, because the technique that drives all women through the roof is creating pressure on the clitoris by initiating a suction on the area. You want to pull up on the clitoris with this force and then flick it will it is under decent pressure. This creates a heightened sense of stimulation because you are pulling blood up throughout the most sensitive part of the female anatomy. She will not be able to control herself if you do this correctly. Get your motions to be very repetitive and don’t not jump back and forth between strategies. Constant boring moves is what causes the most extreme climaxes, don’t let any one tell you otherwise, they are just trying to sabotage your love life.

Sensations on the breasts

Pulling with your mouth on the breast will also create amazing feelings that your woman will thank you for. You want to mimic the moves outlined above except you must pretend the nipple is now the clitoris. It is amazing how quickly a woman can be moved to a stunning climax if this is done properly. Pay some attention to the surrounding tissue as well, and have your lover hand down into your face for the best blood movement and most powerful orgasms.

Source by Lacy Evans

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