Sexual Seduction Stories – Become Phenomenally Seductive and Tell Your Own!

In this article we are going to talk a little bit about the amazingly erotic power of slippery smooth stories of seduction…And how simply sharing a fantasy ( or two) can be incredibly erotic for a couple who needs a little help in amping up the eros a bit..:-) So if that is you, read on as we raise the temperature a few degrees!

If you are in a relationship that has grown a bit stale in the bedroom and beyond, one of the easiest ways to “turn the heat” up a few notches is to share erotic adventures verbally…and then of course, taking that same journey together in a non-verbal setting..:-) Women, by and large, love erotic stories. They might not admit it, and might like more engaging plot lines than our male counterparts..but a story of rich intimacy and erotic adventure is a HUGE turn on, trust me! Men of course, as we ALL know – enjoy the same, just with a more limited backstory..:-) The key is, if you want to REALLY engage your partner – simply finding and sharing an equally as emotive middle ground and turning each other on!

Don’t forget, as Valentines day approaches – MOST people in a relationship when surveyed, will admit to being bored in the romantic department with their partner. Do not let this happen in YOUR relationship! Communication as always is key. Find out what turns on your lover, and pull that love level to get their romantic juices flowing! It’s easy – and the payoff is WELL worth it, trust me on that!

Well, there you have it! Of course there is always more…but the above is an easy and elegant start to sharing (and creating) your very own sexual seduction stories, and while they may not make any magazines..they will be MUCH more fun than reading, I promise!

Source by Megan Zoile

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