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Signs She Definitely Likes You – How to Tell If She’s Diggin’ You

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Don’t just love how cute and adorable girls are when they try to hide that they’re crushing on you? Well, most guys can be such insensitive jerks that they fail to read if a girl is already taking interest or not. Here are a few lessons you should know by heart. Learn how to decode what she really means and save yourself the migraine trying to detect if she’s interested or not. Below are clear signs she definitely likes you:

  • She’s concerned about you. She’s very involved and she wants to be a part of your routine, even hinting about what she’ll be doing in the weekends. Get her involved them! Invite her to hangout often and make her feel that you already know she likes you.
  • She smiles at you. Smiling is one way of telling you she feels good being around you. Smiling a lot however, means she’s flirting. Have a little heart and flirt back! Touch her briefly, lean closer, whisper to her ear — your options are endless.
  • She’s curious about a lot of things. She asks you a lot of questions — your hobbies and interests, your family, your friends. She’s also trying to earn your recognition by telling you hers.
  • She calls to check up on you. It’s such a hard thing for a girl to call a guy up so when she does, she’s definitely taken by you. Be friendly, engage her in a lively conversation and make her feel like it’s cool with you.
  • She wants you to meet her friends. Girls value their friends’ opinions a lot so when she shows some interest to meet them, that’s a green light for you man. The girl is totally liking you big time! If this happens, make her meet your friends soon too!

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