‘Sisters’ is a contemporary dance work created by choreographer and dance educator Lóa Olafson , with eight students from Daniel McIntyre Collegiate in Winnipeg. The intent of this work is to honour the memory of, and deepen our community’s concern for, missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. Set to the music of the Indigenous DJ collective A Tribe Called Red, ‘Sisters’ is a call to deepen empathy and mobilize community support for the welfare, safety, and opportunities Indigenous women and girls have a right to. Through her creative process Lóa connected with visual artist Jaime Black whose work the REDress project is currently installed at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Jaime’s exhibit houses red dresses collected through community donation. These red dresses are symbolic and serve as a visual reminder of the staggering number of women who are no longer with us. Jaime visited the DMCI students and spoke about her REDress project, and the representation of Indigenous issues in Canada. Filmmaker Kayla Jeanson shot and edited footage from the project to create this video.

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