SPHERE “Red Hood”

Music video of SPHERE for the RED HOOD track, taken from the MINDLESS MASS album, released by Deformeathing Production in
June 2015.

Video by: Beriah Producton
SPHERE (https://www.facebook.com/damnedSphere/)
NOSFOTOS (https://www.facebook.com/NOSFOTOS/)

Director: Kris Serafin
Edit/DOP: Robert “Bob” Kopczyński
Costumes designer: Magdalena Łobaczewska (NOSFOTOS), Justyna Matecka
Make up: Ania Wierzbicka
Cast: Małgorzata Krukowska, Dawidek (SPHERE)

Many thanks:

Misza Wildsztein/Restauracja Spotkanie

Mikołaj Sarnecki/ProSpiders
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music: Diego, lyrics: Olga Górczyńska, Dawidek

In the shadow’s woods
wolf’s steps in child’s eardrum
The almighty father fear
crawls amongst (needles of) pines

He is licking you!

Get ready, child
To be an adult man’s gift
Little girl waiting for a savior
gets nothing but devourment
No one wants to save you

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Tell the uncle where you are
I just want to hug you
Show you my small animal

Twinkle, Twinkle, you small cunt
Come or I’ll break your neck!
Don’t be shy, play with it
Just shut up and suck it!

Big bad wolf with her uncle’s eyes
She becomes hypnotized
Dirty nails, full of mud
jostling inside the womb

Begging her muscles to react
Once again, silence of the lambs

The moment girl have died
Dilated pupils open mouth

Sweat in palms of my hands
Wolf’s fur on my skin
Turning into one

Story changes, now I fight back
Now I go for a hunt
My sweet, curly lamb

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