Funeral Procession Rules Are Strict

It’s interesting to note that, regardless of the vehicle code in a particular state, funeral escorts in some cities or counties frequently clash with local police. Resentment may be deep enough that police have even arrested funeral escorts for impersonating a peace officer (in Texas, for example). On the other hand, some communities utilize trained community aides, instead of police …

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Dating Call Back Rules For Women – Tips to Know When to Call Him Back

The dating call back rules for women tend to be a bit cloudy for most of us. It’s really hard to know when we should be calling back the man in our lives. We’re told by some to call him back immediately and even initiate most of the calls, while other advice warns against that. So what exactly is the …

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Rules' Girl

What If She’s a ‘Rules’ Girl?

This article coveres Rules’ Girl. Recently I’ve been getting this question a lot: About Rules’ Girl “How do I spot a woman who is following “The Rules” (that book that came out a while ago)?” If you aren’t familiar with the book, The Rules is what I not-so-affectionately refer to as “outer game for girls.” It’s a bunch of rules that …

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