Texting a Girl – What to Text a Girl First, the All Important First Message!

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How to Text a Girl

What to text a girl first is huge question for guys these days. Used to be that you had to work up the courage to call a girl after she gave you her number, but now you can text her. You think that would be better, but it isn’t!

Now she can see what you have written, analyze it and misinterpret what you are saying. Additionally you don’t have a chance to read her mood like you do when you are actually talking to her.

This makes learning to text girls correctly is essential!

Your first text to a girl has to be captivating. Most guys lead off with lame lines like “Hey, what’s up?” or “What are you doing tonight?” How utterly boring!

What you have just done is taken all that vibe and excitement that you built up when you met her and tossed it out the window. Good work! This begs the question of what to text girls when you are messaging her for the first time.

The danger of coming on too strong

Another common problem is coming on too strong with your first message to a girl after you get her number. You have to think that she has possibly forgotten about you since you got her number. Your first text needs to remind her of who you are and how awesome you are.

So if you lead off assuming that she is hot to get in your pants talking about sex and hooking up with her, you will likely get shut down. You need to take the fire you have started when you met her and fan them into flames first!

Don’t let your texts ‘friend zone’ you

Being too soft in your text messages will not only be boring to the girls you are texting, but risk putting you in the dreaded ‘friend zone’ which is difficult (but not impossible) to get out of.

What to text a girl first

My suggestion for a great first text is to reference something that you two were talking about to remind her of who you were and how amazing you were. Was she into anything in particular? Did you use a nick-name for her? Use that!

“Hey sweater girl, I thought of something I forgot to tell you… “

This is a great opener because I am using the nickname for her, “sweater girl” that I called her the night before, plus it is open ended and creates a desire in her to find out what it is that I didn’t tell her.

Think about it, wouldn’t you want to find out what someone has to tell you when they leave you hanging like that?

  • “I just remembered who you remind me of… “
  • “Did you see what happened last night… “
  • “Are these panties I just found in my coat pocket yours?”

Be interesting, be intriguing, make her curious.

Boring Texts = No Dates

Obviously there is a lot to learn here to be powerful at texting women, but there is help fortunately! The old saying is “Don’t reinvent the wheel” and with learning what to text a girl first, a lot of the work has been done for you.

Source by John R Cliff

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