The Best Sex Positions For a Powerful Female Orgasms Every Time

To have good sex is the priority of every love making couple and if the male partner knows right positions then certainly it is going to give his female counterpart a good orgasm very fast. Same is true with your female counterpart. Using different positions for the sex is going to make in unforgettable experience for both. By using these positions one can make the experience really pleasurable and enjoyable.

It will be interesting for you to note that the traditional positions are great things to experience. But one can be bored of these positions and will go for new positions in greater demand. You can try some of the classic position which include

Doggie style

This position remains the ideal sex position because of the pleasure it gives to the women. If you want to satisfy your female counterpart then nothing else then this doggy style position will help you in having sex with her. The style will certainly make her crazy and will demand for more. Although there are number of positions providing pleasure, but nothing can beat a doggy style position. You can make changes or incorporate new things into it to make it more enjoying and you will be really happy in the end. You know that when you are armed with best knowledge, nothing even you can wrong. You can certainly going to experience which you had not done earlier and can make feel really very happy.


The missionary position is the first and foremost position which allows face to face contact. In this position, you can use many variations to make her happy and getting her desirable early orgasm. If you will b able to satisfy her demand then she will be asking for more. In the missionary position you take the command and your female counterpart follows the course to get her orgasm. By taking missionary position, you can enjoy intercourse and can change to other positions also and will not face any problems either.

Woman on top

The women who really take control during intercourse prefer women on top position and it is very popular also. In this position woman enjoys complete control over man and she experiences happiness in attaining orgasm. If you are going to use the position in the sex then certainly you would like to try again because of the angle. It is really unforgettable experience for you with women on your top. It really provides pleasure and enjoyable orgasm to you.

You must follow the golden rule of having sex is to follow your partner’s instructions carefully and continue to perform things which make her happy. Even if she asks you to perform something which may not be interesting to you, just do it for her sake. You can not afford to miss a good opportunity of having a good sex. So keep it up. If you have the right information then you can just enjoy the experience. That is why you need to understand her priorities in sex and tell her your own. Following this way you can enjoy your successful sex lives.

Source by Josh Staples

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