The Easy Way to Make Your Woman Orgasm

It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to provide orgasmic pleasure to your partner. It does however take some practice and some skill. Among the many things you need to know about giving your partner pleasure the most important thing you need to know is your partner. Do you know what is comfortable for your partner and what crosses the line? It is also important to know what your partner likes and how certain things make your partner feel. Here are some other great tips for ensuring a great time full of orgasmic pleasure for your partner.

Are you worried?

 If you are worried about not performing top notch or maybe even having a lack of knowledge your partner will sense this and may “clam up” making the final goal of climax that much harder to achieve. Your partner knows what feels right for them and you should not be afraid to ask for some help. Asking your partner for help finding the right way is informative and it can even be fun!. Know your partner and all the things they like or don’t like.

Take your time

Rushing will get you nowhere in all aspects of sexual encounters. You need to take time to please your partner as the outcome is much less stressful with patience. Don’t leave your partner turned on and disappointed, use foreplay sense. Foreplay can include oral stimulation, massage/touch stimulation, direct sexual stimulation, toy stimulation to using your body parts to stimulate.. Enjoy your partner and touch her erogenous zones. Move your finger tips, tongue or lips along every inch of her body. You can get her excited and “tease” her until she is begging for you to bring her to orgasmic ecstasy. Take it slow when using your mouth to stimulate her clitoris, some women are sensitive and it can be more painful than erotic. Stimulate her G-Spot by inserting your finger palm up and bending the tip in a come here motion.. Stimulating her G-Spot while also performing oral sex with your mouth will set her a quiver and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Multiple orgasms before the act of intercourse will cause more intense lasting orgasms during intercourse.

Talk to her

Don’t be afraid to talk to her and let her know just what it is you want from her. Telling your partner you want them to “cum” for you will arouse your partner. It is not “dirty” to talk explicit; it is part of a healthy sexual encounter. Let her know that you are attracted and confident in her body so she can let down her guard and feel just as sexy as you say she is. Many women are turned on more by a partner that is verbal during sexual acts then a quiet partner. Reason for this… They know that by you giving them pleasure you are also pleasured by the thought. This is a major turn on for your partner; don’t be afraid to let them know. Make bringing her to an orgasm fun try these tips and explore her all over again!

Source by G. Crandall

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