The Ecstatic Yoni Massage

Have you ever wondered if there was a truly sensual massage just for women’s genitals?

Many years ago while studying with Annie Sprinkle, former porn star turned performance artist and tantrica, I learned about a wonderful massage for women, the Ecstatic Yoni Massage.

Since that time I have personally experienced this massage many times and taught it to many of my clients. For years men have been having their lingam massaged and played with at massage parlors and by sensual masseuses. But up until Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer created this fabulous massage for women there was had never been a sensual massage just for women’s genitalia.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that having your labia major and minor massaged feels simply wonderful. I mean let’s face it, how often do these parts of our bodies get consciously touched? Now girls, I do not mean licked just touched. Not often if ever. This idea of having a specific erotic massage just for women’s genitals was revolutionary at the time of its inception but now it is more common. It is based upon some of our acupressure points and that is one of the reasons why I suspect it feels so good.

Some of the benefits a woman will receive are:

  • Being able to identify what does and does not turn her on
  • Learning how to receive more pleasure
  • Becoming very familiar with her clitoral hot spots and being able to say where they are
  • Opening to experimenting with some new things and trying them on for awhile

Some of the benefits a man will receive are:

  • The ability to know exactly what his partner does and does not like
  • Learning how to touch your partner in the way that really gives her optimum pleasure
  • Learning how to leave your ego at the bedroom door and just be in service to her pleasure
  • Trying out new ways to tease and please your woman, being experimental

The Ecstatic Yoni Massage has several parts to it. The first is Coming Into the Body, which focuses on warming up your lovers whole body. Lightly caressing her, teasing and awakening her erogenous zones as much as possible. Second, Waking up the Neighborhood, which focuses on a few strokes to move over the abdomen. Names like, Over Eggs Easy, The Womb Warmer give you some idea of the playfulness of this massage. Third part, The Vulva, and this part is really fun. My favorite stroke being the Vibrate that Vulva. The fourth part, Miscellaneous strokes which include things like, the Tour de France and Muschi Push to name a few. Then ending of course with the Clitoris.

You can bring your partner to orgasm or not, but the one cardinal rule is to only give her what she wants for as long as she wants it the way she likes it. Guys, this is not about your getting off, it is really an opportunity for you to be in service to your beloved. You can switch at another time and then you can be the one to receive.

You can learn how to do this massage via a print out at the address above or by subscribing to to Annie’s U-tube video collection.

Source by Luminessa Enjara

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