The Naked Truth About Female Ejaculation

Can women ejaculate like men do? Is ejaculation the same as orgasm? Answers to these 2 questions can be found in the following paragraphs and even more to help you clear any doubts you may have.

(1) Is it that only men can ejaculate?

The fact is, like men, women can ejaculate too. But not all women can. Even for those who do, most do not ejaculate during every sexual encounter, regardless of whether they experience an orgasm or multiple orgasms. For women who do ejaculate, ejaculation can either happen before or with orgasm. It does not always happen when she is close to orgasm.

(2) What is the difference between male and female ejaculation?

Male ejaculation occurs during every lovemaking, but not necessary so for females. Male ejaculation is part of the reproduction process. As for females, the part that is related to the reproduction process is her ovulation. The one common thing here is both male and female orgasm can happen with or without ejaculation. Therefore ejaculation and orgasm are 2 separate matters.

(3) How can female ejaculation happen?

Female ejaculation happens as a result of extensive and targeted g-spot stimulation or clitoral stimulation. It is mostly likely to happen as a result of simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and g-spot.

When a woman is feeling very highly aroused from clitoral and g-spot stimulations and/or is feeling quite close to orgasm or is having one, if she relaxes and pushes like she is peeing (only do this after the bladder is empty), this is usually how ejaculation happened if it is going to. Sometimes it can happen without doing anything at all.

If a woman wants to understand her sexuality better and is keen to explore the idea of how to get herself an ejaculation, it will be better to try this on her own first. This is because it is less pressurizing to do than when she is doing this in the presence of her partner who may have certain expectations.

Female ejaculation is something that is nice to have for a woman because it can inject a little bit of fun in her love life. But a woman can still have orgasm and enjoy sex with or without ejaculation. When she wants to try on her own to see whether she can ejaculate, this should be more for her own fun or mutual pleasure than just to satisfy or impress her partner. This is because a woman has no voluntary control when it comes to ejaculation. Much like orgasm, sometimes it happens and at other times it does not happen. So, she is neither abnormal nor weird if she can or cannot ejaculate. Guys should take note here and not to give undue pressure to your partner! The main thing here is what you are doing in bed with your partner should be focused on what you both, individually and uniquely, find exciting and pleasurable.

(4) Is female ejaculation something like urinating?

Well, the 4 main ingredients of the female ejaculate are glucose, prostatic acid phosphatase (an enzyme which can also be found in semen), urea and creatinine. The last 2 ingredients are commonly found in urine, but are at lower levels than in urine. So, there is a little bit of urine in the ejaculate. To be exact, a woman’s ejaculate is a mixture of mainly prostate fluid and very little quantity of urine.

Not all women are comfortable with or enjoy ejaculating, regardless of how their partners feel about it. This is because it can sometimes involve a good deal of fluid. This is something you have to bear in mind during lovemaking if you do not want to sleep on a big wet spot. Therefore it is a good idea to put some towels down first. But not every woman who ejaculates will have huge gushes of fluid. Sometimes it is just a little spurt, can be so small that her partner may not even notice at all.

As mentioned earlier, ejaculation is not always something a woman can voluntarily control. If she does not like this feeling, she can hold back like the way she holds back her peeing when she wants to but cannot. But this may or may not always work. When she is doing this, she may be accidentally holding back her pleasure or orgasm too.

(5) Where does the ejaculate come from?

There are para-urethral glands on the walls of the urethra (the place we urinate). These areas can and often do contain fluids. When pressure is applied on these areas or the areas surrounding them by fingers, hands or anything else during sex, fluid can sometimes squirt out. The same thing happens when we squeeze a water bottle or a sponge.

Source by Eng Hou Ng

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