The Sexiest Ways to Tease Your Man – How to Get Him Aroused and Wanting You Bad

Despite what you may have heard, men actually love to be teased in the bedroom. It is almost a fantasy that men have. A lot of women tend to stay away from teasing because they are constantly hearing about how men hate teases. Women believe that men don’t like teases but that is only when men aren’t getting pleasure at the end of it. You can tease your man all you want, as long as you back it up with some satisfaction at the end to give him release.

Since men do love to be teased, you need to learn some of the sexiest ways to tease your man. When you do this, you will be able to get him so aroused, that it will drive him crazy. You will give him satisfaction so amazing, that he won’t know what hit him. He will be craving and begging for you and the anticipation will only further build and build.

One of the sexiest ways to tease your man is to use some different forms of foreplay on him. Of course you can stick to more traditional methods, but if you really want to get his heart racing and to make things “grow” down there, then you should really consider giving him a lap dance. Not only does this make him aroused in record time, but it also helps you to get more comfortable and confident in your sexuality. You can actually get really turned on by doing this to your man. One way to spice this up is to tie his hands behind his back on the chair. As you dance on him and you prevent him from touching you, the sexual tension is literally going to become unbearable in his body.

Another ultra seductive way to tease your man is to blindfold him. When you take away one of his senses, it heightens all of the rest. Therefore, if he is not able to see what is happening to him, he will concentrate more on feeling it and on receiving it. Guaranteed this will get him more aroused than anything else. Having you blindfolding him and taking control of him will be something that he will crave again and again.

No matter how well behaved or how much of a good girl you were before, all of that is about to change tonight. You are going to become a seductress for your man and to give him pleasure that is truly out of this world.

Source by Nina Caplan

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