Top 3 Sex Positions a Man Must Know – Forget About the Rest

By learning and knowing every great existing sexual position, you could earn yourself the title of “sex god”, most of all if you have the ability to make women climax wildly every single time you get them in bed. Keep reading to find out more about these sexual positions and quickly achieve breathtaking results…

However, before we mention the greatest existing sexual positions, you first and foremost need to comprehend that other things could indeed affect overall sexual pleasure aside from which position you use.

For instance, your general mood plays an essential role. If your girl isn’t prepared to have sex, it may be extremely hard to try and reach her orgasm. Sexual positions are meant to be comfortable for both of you; however, even without comfort, these could still bring about excitement and joy that could result from mere unpredictability.

Top 3 Sex Positions A Man Must Know – Forget About The Rest

1. Although the missionary position is known as the common and basic natural sexual position, men get better penetration control when they are on top of women. Plus, men can kiss women and make her more wet and aroused when he penetrates her this way. To several women, eye contact plays an essential role, and this particular position can make this happen easily.

2. One other great position would be “woman on top”, or “cowgirl style”. This particular position has a much higher level of comfort for women and it just so happens that several women are capable of reaching climax much faster from this sexual position.

3. One other great position would be from behind, or “doggy style”. This particular position gives the possibility of the deepest penetration ever and would be ideal for people who like it wild and hard. Several women happen to see this position as something interesting since they get to kneel the way animals do and this may even raise the factor of pleasure for them.

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