Why Love and Hatred Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

We all seek only love in our lives. Yet we find hatred as the people whom we love may love someone else or they may not consider us worth loving. We often feel disappointed and we cry as we fail to get what we want. We often blame God why the world gives hatred to those who only seek love.

The hard truth is that you are not alone. Everyone who was loved was also hated the most. Just imagine that you love a woman who is also loved by another person. The woman also loves you. It is highly probable that the lover of your beloved would become your enemy. There is no fault in your love as it is mutual and the other man should not be jealous about love as his love is one-sided. Yet in reality the person who loses love cannot avoid hating the person who is responsible for the loss of his love. He always think that if you would not been in the picture, the girl would have been his. Hence he treats you responsible for the loss of his love and hates you. Most of the murders in the world happen not due to hatred but because of love.

Take the example of Mahatma Gandhi who always preached love and compassion. He advocated nonviolence and never killed even a fly. Yet he became one of the most hated men of his time. Winston Churchill called him half-naked fakir and refused to meet him. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of Muslim and Father of Pakistan called him the leader of Hindus. Gandhi, who was deeply religious and known more as a Saint and Great Soul (Mahatma) than a politician, was killed not by Muslim by a Hindu fanatic named Nathu Ram Godse. Godse was an activist with the Hindu fundamentalist Organisation and he hated Gandhi because due to his organizations could not grow.

Such is the destiny of all people who preach love that they are killed by the same people whom they teach to love and whom they loved most. The crucification of Jesus was another such demonstration of hatred that was created due to his love for humanity.

We must, therefore, be ready to face hatred as we seek love. The emotion of hatred is as important as love.

It is a cliche that enemy of enemy is a friend. We all love a person who hates our enemies.

A good leader knows the true relationship between love and hatred. He knows that the best method to attract follower is to fight with an enemy who is most hated by the people. All enemies of such an opponent become their ardent supporter immediately.

You generate hatred even by using nonviolence. Mahatma Gandhi used only love and nonviolence in his fight for the independence of India. Yet he earned so much hatred of his own people that he was killed by an Hindu fanatic and not by his opponent viz. British.

It is evident that love and hatred are two sides of the same coin. It is impossible to have one without other. If you wish love in your life, be ready to accept hatred as part of the deal.

Source by Dr Awdhesh Singh

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